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The New 90 Day Plan

Lauren, 6 Days Ago


"I started the 90 day plan just after Christmas, I did this along with my husband I have really enjoyed the plan although I'll admit it has not been an easy ride. Joe is right it all boils down to "prepping like a boss" and being organised. After the first couple of weeks it did get easier an using the meal planner website was very useful. As I work shifts this complicated things again but organisation was absolute key. Overall the plan has given me success in my eating habits an exercise routines. I have tried many yo-yo diets particularly before going on holidays as you do but never managed to maintain the weight I desired and have always struggled to get rid of the "mum tum" I have always intermittently gone to the gym and ran a little but I have found the home hitts to be a winner and very convenient for my very busy lifestyle. Another big positive from the plan is it has cut my alcohol consumption right down. There has been times where all I wanted to do was get home from work and open that wine instead I had a tonic water and lots of lime an pretended it was a G&T. With the very occasional alcohol free beer. One of my main influences has been doing this alongside my husband It seemed to make it more realistic and sustainable. He has been very supportive as have my 2 children. My favourite meal from the plan would be the turkey meatballs from C1 and pizza from C2 we have got this to perfection now and more than happy to have it instead of a takeaway pizza. We tried most of the meals and they were all great I really enjoyed them. Now I am hoping to complete the grad plan."

The New 90 Day Plan

Lean Winner, 12 Days Ago

"This February I decided to take Joe up on his discount and join the 90 Day Plan and commit myself to changing the way that I was eating, drinking and exercising even though I am a regular to his workouts and a regular runner. Cycle 1 was tough at first I had to take away my comfort blanket which was my couple of glasses of wine most evenings which I relied upon to relieve me of my daily stress and worries of having two children a very busy and stressful job and maintaining the household but I got through it and realised I did not need it and the workouts/running was the answer! Cycle 2 I loved the introduction of the weights to my workouts and did not think I would enjoy it as much as I did! I was however a little disappointed with my results but I could not have done more. Cycle 3 by the end of this I had developed some pretty impressive muscles if I do say so myself! I did find my willpower fading towards the end slightly and did find myself having a couple of gin and tonics here and there but my exercising and eating I could not fault! I really enjoyed being on the 90 Day Plan and have especially enjoyed all the meals that I would not normally cook. I am still in need of Joe's guidance and will be joining his Graduation Plan. "

The New 90 Day Plan

Paul, 27 Days Ago


"The plan for me was a joint decision with my daughter, we had a few of Joe's books and were doing his workouts on Youtube together so it was a natural progression from that. The combination of exercise and guided nutrition is what makes the plan so effective and all these transformations possible. Doing the plan together with my daughter has been a key for me. We came into it at different fitness levels but the workouts are progressive so it doesn't matter what level you're at. It's been great seeing us both get stronger and fitter. I used to think if I wanted to improve I just had to train harder, never giving the food side much thought. Now I train for 35 minutes, 5 days, that's it. I've never been in better shape. Favourite meals for me would be the low carb coconut granola and breakfast pizza. :) I enjoy the variety and the mix of weights and cardio in the workouts. Tips for the plan for me would be: Always cook 2 or 3 of the same meal to save time and make a meal plan at the beginning of the week. We do each of the 5 workouts through the week which also keeps it simple. The plan has been fantastic. we're doing the graduate plan straight away. The knowledge gained from this plan is where the value is as it can be carried forward when the plan is finished. Amazing stuff Joe, thanks!"

The New 90 Day Plan
8 Week Progress

Rachel, 27 Days Ago


"I started the 90 Day Plan when I was four months postpartum and my goal was to get my fitness back, get strong and get lean. I was excited to start the plan but also anxious as to whether I could balance exercise and meal prep with baby in tow. The plan, however, was simple to follow with tasty and quick meal options which my husband enjoyed too. It really isn't a 'fad diet' - in fact I eat more now than I did before! Working out at home made the exercise manageable and it is really motivating being able to work alongside Joe. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the weights in Cycle Two - particularly the fast-paced variety of Workout Five. I am thrilled with my results so far and I can't wait for Cycle Three!"

The New 90 Day Plan

Steven, 33 Days Ago


"The plan has given me a lot of guidance over the past three months. I find when training 'solo', you become a little inconsistent at times. The plan helps prevent this and keeps you on track by doing the meal preps, quick HIITs and competiveness with others if they're also doing the plan alongside you. You learn about nutrition, which is something I've lacked previously and I would say I was somewhat naive regarding high fat food. Taking this all into account, I certainly feel a lot leaner than I did at the start, this was ultimately the main goal, so I'm pleased with the results to date."

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